I have reserved a gift by mistake. What should I do?

When you confirm a gift, you’re still able to cancel that gift for a short time, on your Gift Review screen.

Otherwise, we’ll then send an email to Daniel and Katherine notifying them of your gift. If you change your mind about your gift after this point, please contact us and let us know that you would like to cancel your gift. We will then contact Daniel and Katherine and inform them of the change.

Honeymoon Promises is principally a gift reservations site, and we do not process or collect your payment ourselves. Your payment for any gifts you’ve reserved should be made directly to Daniel and Katherine.

Daniel and Katherine have set up their gift list so that gifts can be paid directly into their own PayPal account. More information on how to pay online.

If you’d prefer not to pay online, that’s OK. You can provide the value of your gift to Daniel and Katherine by cash or cheque at any time.